Family bonding on vacation: Why you should choose an escape room this summer

We know that the summer can drag on, especially when the weather is grey and wet and you seem to run out of things to do indoors within a week. Of course, you can always watch movies, but maybe you want something a little bit less predictable? A little bit more exciting, active and unusual, perhaps? 

family bonding

If so, why not turn that old sci-fi, horror or mystery thriller into a new, real life experience by booking an escape room in 2019?

Why You Should Choose an Escape Room This Summer

An escape room is a live-action immersive game which places a team (usually between 6 and 12 people) in a scenario where they must work together to figure out clues and solve puzzles. In doing this, they progress along a storyline, such as having to diffuse a bomb before it goes off and destroys a whole city, and get ever closer to winning the game. Really, it can be compared to The Crystal Maze, only with more people in the room who can work on the puzzles all at once. 

These experiences are most often timed, though ‒ no one ever said you could take as long as you want and still save the world! 

What are Escape Rooms Like?

Potential puzzle-solvers always come armed with plenty of questions about what happens in escape rooms. Are they hard? Are they dark? Do people jump out at you? 

The answers all depend on the room you book to have your experience in. Companies which offer escape room games often have a range of rooms across a number of genres, and customers pick the room they want to explore the most. For instance, here at Exciting Escapes we have 16 escape rooms and 9 unique room themes to choose from, spread across three locations in Hampshire (we have escape rooms in Southampton, Portsmouth and Basingstoke). From an abandoned government medical facility, to the office of a Cold War detective, to a spaceship traveling among the stars, each room is different and each one can give you a unique, thrilling experience. 

You and your fellow team members can have the surprise victory or shocking scare of your lives with a room escape game. But there is no need to worry, either. Even though you are technically “locked” in the room, safety is paramount and you can withdraw from your experience whenever you want. 

If you would like some more information before booking the escapade you’ve always dreamed of, get in touch and we’ll do everything we can to help.

How to Succeed in Escape Rooms

Many people often want to know the best escape room tips before they book an adventure. But the key to conquering a room is simple: teamwork! A group must truly work together to solve the puzzles they are given. What if one team member spots something hidden in the room that’s needed to crack a code which unlocks a safe or a door, while the others are all busy trying to decipher symbols or find keys? 

Going through an escape room by yourself can also be fun, but a few friends along for the quest can turn a good time into a great time. Why not book an experience for yourself and a group of your favorite people and have a fun day in this summer? 

Why are Escape Rooms so Popular, Anyway?

There are a couple of reasons escape rooms have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, to the point where there are now thousands of venues all over the world. But the basis of why people love them so much is that they take us away from the ordinary world we live in for a little while. You can play pretend at being someone else, in a more exciting or potentially dangerous situation, all in the safety of a controlled environment that can be stopped at any time.

It’s like playing a video game, only all the goals you are accomplishing are happening right in front of you, instead of on a screen. Best of all, you still get the same feeling of triumph when your team comes through and beats the game! 

Why not become the video game character you’ve always wanted to be this summer by completing an escape room?

Escape Rooms Can Even be Good for You!

It’s even been suggested that an escape room experience can be good for your health! Being in an escape room for an hour and rushing about all over the place for clues gets you moving physically, while solving puzzles is very good for your brain. Practice at it makes you more efficient at figuring out problems in the long run, and the happiness that comes with completing a successful game contributes to an overall good mood as well. 

Because the experience is designed to be a team building exercise, it can also improve your relationships and communication skills. This is why we can highly recommend escape room experiences not only for friendly days out, but also as fun date ideas, figuring out problems.

If you’re looking for a more interesting way to improve your health and you have a day to spare over the summer, book an escape room and train your brain as well as your body!

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