Fall in the Poconos: Woodloch Pines Family Resort review

Woodloch Pines is open this fall. See how they’re safely handling operations during COVID-19.

An hour northeast of Scranton, Penn., Woodloch has been an East Coast family destination for generations, with many families returning year after year. While there are a number of properties under the Woodloch umbrella, the one families will want to zero in on is the family resort, Woodloch Pines. This is one of those rare places that successfully blends upscale amenities and exceptional staff with no-fuss, kid-friendly fun.


Woodloch Pines Family Resort review:

What does all-inclusive mean at Woodloch Pines Family Resort?

At Woodloch, your per-person nightly rate includes meals and most activities, from permanent attractions to staff-led games and competitions. You’re responsible for alcohol, special kids’ drinks, soft drinks at the night club and sports bar, and some of the more specialized activities. But there are no surprises; activity fees are listed on the daily activity sheet. A 15% tip is added to the bill at the end of your stay and pooled among the staff.


Dining at Woodloch:

Meals in Woodloch’s main dining room are included in your nightly rate. They are upscale and multi-course—breakfast alone has a baked item, fruit, cereal, and entree. Dinner is similarly delicious and extensive. (The seafood was fabulous.) We found, in the interest of avoiding food waste, that it was better to skip a course altogether and split desserts—or even entrees.

In this dining room, no one will glare at your kids for being kids. The inclusive menu offers them a chance to order grown-up food with low risk, but standard kids’ fare is also available. The bar prepares kids’ cocktails alongside those for adults. Best of all, the meals are served quickly, so even though it’s fine dining, kids will not have to sit in boredom for twenty minutes while food is prepared. That’s what I call family-friendly!

woodloch pines

Rates and Accommodations:

Woodloch offers a number of different room types to accommodate different family needs. We stayed in an Edgewater suite with two bathrooms, a walk-in closet, a single bedroom with two Queen beds and a pullout couch. It was the most comfortable hotel bed I’ve ever slept in, hands down. The room was designed for comfort and convenience over fancy decor. Don’t get me wrong; it was very nice! But at Woodloch Pines, you won’t spend your stay praying your kids don’t break something. There are multiple coin-operated laundry rooms. We also had in-room recycling, and the guest Wi-Fi was reliable and even worked outside much of the time.

Rates vary by season and accommodation type. During off peak seasons, rates start at $137 per adult/per night with kids 6 and under free. During peak seasons, rates start at $225 per adult/per night with graded rates for children 18 and under.


Getting there:

Woodloch is located at 731 Welcome Lake Rd., Hawley, PA 18428. The management urges visitors not to depend on GPS systems, but instead to follow the directions on their site. You will probably want to cross-reference online mapping to get mileage amounts, though, and many guests we talked to recommended using Waze. But be sure you specify Woodloch Pines, as the Woodloch umbrella also includes a golf resort, a lodge/spa, and numerous vacation rental options. The road from Hawley to Woodloch is winding mountain road; it takes some effort to get there, but it’s well worth it. Once you reach the resort, you can get around on foot or by shuttle.

Up next, making the most of activities at Woodloch!


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