Best essential oils for travel

Like everyone else (it seems), I’ve recently started using essential oils in my home and for my family. While I don’t deem them lifesaving (gasp!), I do believe essential oils add to our family’s well-being and overall health. Why not take this show on the road? We have a round up of the best essential oils for travel (and when to use them):

Three best essential oils for travel:


Motion sickness:

Several members of our family suffer from motion sickness in cars and on ships. I hate medicating for this, because no matter what we use, we seem to get drowsy. Before motion sickness can hit, I like to use essential oils topically (to the back of the ears, temples, or wrists) to fight nausea. It’s important to apply the essential oils before getting in the car!

Essential oils for motion sickness: ginger, peppermint, or spearmint. Alternatively, get a pre-made blend. We like Motion-Eaze, which is a combination of lavender, peppermint, frankincense, chamomile, myrrh, Ylang Ylang, and birch.

Immune defense:

This is a biggie. We do everything in our power to prevent sickness while on vacation. For immune defense, we diffuse essential oils at home pre-trip. If you have a small diffuser, you can even bring it along on road trips to use in hotel rooms and vacation homes. You can also just bring the oils, and add a few drops to a bowl of boiling water to breathe in.

Essential oils for immune defense: clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary. Or use a blend like Thieves. We are using Best Friend, from Better Essentials. Better Essentials makes blends nearly identical to those made by the big essential oil makers, at a lower cost. Their oils are 100% pure, therapeutic grade, and third-party tested.


Sleep is absolutely essential (no pun intended!) while on vacation. To assist with sleep in hotel rooms and other unfamiliar places, we apply essential oil to our wrists, plus perhaps a dab behind the ears. You can also spray pillows lightly. I just don’t suggest doing this in enclosed spaces like airplanes, as the scent could bother others.

Essential oils for sleep: lavender, or a blend like Breathe. We are using Fresh Air from Better Essentials (their version of Breathe), or we use pure lavender. Hard to beat it!

How to conveniently bring essential oils:

Luckily, essential oils come, by their very nature, in small packages. They are easy to bring along on road trips in any first aid kit or medication kit, and easy to bring for air travel in a 3-1-1 bag. Almost all are under 3 ounces. Several travel-sized diffusers are on the market, but we don’t bother with this: for our use on the road, we apply our essential oils topically. However you decide to use your oils, make sure you buy therapeutic grade, and place all oils in a plastic bag or otherwise airtight container. This will contain the scent (when you don’t want it) and also prevent any leakage.

Do you use essential oils? What are your favorite blends?