Enjoy the outdoors with kids’ paddling pools

Most kids love the water! Life is great when the weather is hot, and the kids have a pool to jump into. They can spend hours enjoying swimming and splashing around the pool. 

Although swimming pools tend to be expensive to install and maintain, many parents like to purchase above-ground kids paddling pools instead. Parents have plenty of choices, some that use a steel frame and others that are inflatable. These pools cost a fraction of the cost of an in-ground pool. 

Plus, you don’t have to spend hours each week cleaning the pool and making sure the chlorine levels are right. Most pool owners will tell you that they have an ongoing battle trying to maintain their in-ground pools. Some pool owners spend more time cleaning their pool than actually swimming in it!

A paddling pool provides entertainment for the kids

If you are like most parents, you might be finding it difficult to get the kids outside. Nowadays, many kids are hooked watching and playing games and tv shows on smart devices and on the television. Children can spend hours on social networking and streaming services like YouTube and Facebook. 

Many parents struggle to motivate their kids to go outdoors and take advantage of a beautiful day. A paddling pool will excite your kids, and they will want to go splashing in the pool for the entire day. 

If you are organizing a party for the kids during the summer, you can tell other parents to bring their kids swimming costumes. You can create games in the paddling pool that can keep the kids having fun for hours.

A paddling pool can help shy kids to interact with others. Because most paddling pools tend to be small sizes, shy kids won’t be able to hide if they want to go for a swim. If your child is struggling to make friends, inviting kids his or her own age to come over to your home to enjoy the pool for the day is a great way for them to socialize with others. 

A great thing to have during Covid-19

The ongoing pandemic has changed the world we live in. Businesses being forced to shut, the economy in a terrible condition, hospitals full, the list goes on. With schools still closed in some areas, children have had it tough. In many towns and cities, public and private swimming pools have been forced to shut their doors. 

Most parents or childminders have found it extremely difficult to entertain kids. Purchasing a paddling pool for the kids is a great way to help them avoid feeling bored. A paddling pool will help children to burn energy

People who owned a garden didn’t know how lucky they were until Covid-19. Rather than being stuck inside a stuffy apartment as experts advised us to stay at home, people could enjoy the great outdoors in their own yard. Luckily you don’t need to own a garden to use an inflatable pool. You can easily set up the pool on concrete, which is a major bonus for anyone who doesn’t own or have access to a garden. 

Paddling pools are portable & convenient 

You can bring most paddling pools wherever you go. If you plan on taking a vacation, or you plan on going to a friend’s or family’s house for a few days, pack the paddling pool in the car so the kids have some form of entertainment. 

If you are going camping, a paddling pool is an ideal item to bring with you to help entertain the kids. You might want to bring the pump with you on your trip because it will take hours to blow it up yourself! 

Unlike an in-ground pool, paddling pools are super convenient. You can easily buy one from your local store (some sports, kids, outdoors stores stock inflatable pools) or online, get the pool delivered to your door, and set the whole thing up without having to speak with a pool specialist, nor hire any construction workers to build the foundations and install the pool. Some smaller paddling pools don’t need a pump to blow up, as you will be able to do it yourself in a matter of minutes. If you decide to purchase a larger inflatable, read the contents on the box to see if they have included a pump with the pool. 

The downside of owning an inflatable pool

Most inflatable paddling pools can break easily. Remember to inspect the surface where you are going to place the paddling pool before you add the water. Check to see if there are any sharp objects that might tear or split the pool. It seems when you patch up some of the holes on a pool, they tend to split again shortly after. 

The whole idea of owning a paddling pool is so that kids can enjoy themselves, however, you must keep an eye on them. You can’t expect your pool to last very long if the kids are jumping up and down in the inflatable. The material won’t be able to handle these activities and will probably end up breaking. 

Don’t leave your inflatable pool outdoors during the wintertime as they are not durable enough to manage these weather conditions. 

The downside to owning an in-ground pool

Although it might be tempting to spend your hard-earned cash on an in-ground pool, you must put a lot of consideration into purchasing one beforehand. Here are some of the downsides:

  • Expensive: Installation, material, and chemicals to keep the pool clean will prove costly. 
  • Constant maintenance: You can’t hide away from maintaining your pool, if you do you will have a big green swamp in your garden.
  • Dangers: There are plenty of dangers of having a pool on your property, especially if you have young kids. Make sure you have fencing around your pool so young children cannot gain access by themselves. 
  • Seasonal: You can only use your pool during certain times of the year in most countries. 

Most home pools don’t have a children’s area, so they are normally too deep for a young child to play in. Paddling pools come in all shapes and sizes, and they are designed specifically for children of a certain age. When the child gets older you can buy a slightly bigger paddling pool. You certainly won’t have this option with an in-ground pool. 


Getting your children to learn how to swim is extremely important nowadays. Some children are afraid of water, so letting them play in an inflatable pool can help them get over their fear and hopefully motivate them to take classes in a public or private pool. 

Kids will love their inflatable pool, but don’t forget that they can be dangerous. Treat an inflatable pool just like a normal pool. Make sure someone watches the kids at all times when they are playing in the pool, even if it has very little water. If small kids use a big inflatable, make sure an adult is with them and put a lifejacket on the child. Keep an eye out for children drinking the water. Make sure that around the pool is a non slip area. Expect kids to run around the pool with all the excitement, so there is a good chance someone might fall. 

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