Eight destinations in Europe for an unforgettable family holiday

Now may not be the right time to travel, but it IS the right time to plan your next family vacay. Do you want to discover the most ravishing places in Europe? Deemed the best continent for vacationing by plenty of travel enthusiasts from around the world, Europe is indeed a magical wonderland for holiday-makers as it features countless phenomenal attractions nestled inside beautiful cities. From scenic ski resorts, gorgeous beaches to ancient bridges and charming marketplaces bustling with activity throughout the day, Europe has a lot to offer. 


Most surprisingly, no matter how many times travelers visit, they just can’t seem to get enough of the cultural significance and historical richness. The best part about going on a family vacation to Europe is that the fun instantly gets doubled. Above all, there is nothing more satisfying than journeying around European destinations and beholding the continent’s architectural glory with your family. In today’s article, we have come up with a list of the top 8 destinations in Europe that are ideal for family vacations to help you plan an enjoyable holiday. 

1. La Plagne, France 

La Plagne has long been an all-time favorite ski resort, especially for families as it offers spectacular natural views and hosts ample activities to keep visitors entertained. It also features a wide array of bars, shops as well as several restaurants serving toothsome foods to satisfy your appetite. If you are looking to indulge in some thrilling and fun-packed skiing adventure on a picturesque mountain range, you can hit the slopes at La Plagne for a breathtaking experience that you will never forget. Thanks to the large number of incredibly luxurious and well-equipped family ski chalets, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you won’t face any difficulties getting the best deals while booking your stay in this remarkable destination. 

2. Athens, Greece 

Athens is one of those European destinations that are known for their vibrant and energetic nightlife. The city’s laid-back lifestyle and ancient cultural treasures prove why Athens has been so successful in attracting passionate holidaymakers. The place features an amazing mix of culture and eye-catching sights that can enthrall virtually anyone. Additionally, the majestic neighborhoods and charming restaurants of Athens are an added delight for visitors. Considering the abundance of extraordinary experiences that this city promises, architecture lovers and history buffs mustn’t miss out on this splendid destination at any cost. 

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3. Reberty 2000, France 

A beautiful ski village situated near Les Menuires, Reberty 2000 is an outstanding destination for family-focused holidays owing to its excellent location. You would be glad to know that this place is popular for its stunning scenery and it provides quick, easy access to all the necessary amenities. Here, you can enjoy various forms of unique ski entertainment while feasting on appetizing delicacies that will make your taste buds crave for more. So, whether you are new to the world of skiing or an expert with plenty of experience, the wide runs of Reberty 2000 will give you the experience you have been seeking all this while. 

4. Madrid, Spain 

Another superb city that you must explore on your Europe vacay is none other than Madrid, which boasts two of the best football clubs in the world. Being the capital of Spain, Madrid is frequented by multitudes of tourists who come to this destination to discover amazing architecture, world-famous museums, and luxurious hotels where they can devour mouth-watering Spanish meals. See to it that you enjoy the vibrant nightlife of Spain’s capital and tour through the Royal Palace of Madrid to make your holiday more fun.

5. Rome, Italy 


Home to plenty of ancient attractions having immense historical significance, Italy’s capital is known for its liveliness and spectacular sights. What is noteworthy is that Rome’s centuries-old sights and hip neighborhoods still continue to attract the masses even after so many years. It is true that Rome is mainly famous for its ancient cultural richness. But this in no way means that the new breed of travelers seeking modern fun will not find this destination interesting. Rome also boasts a number of outstanding galleries, stellar restaurants, and wine bars for adding to the fun. More important than all, bear in mind that your trip to Europe would remain incomplete unless you spend a couple of days in Rome and explore the city’s unparalleled beauty and grandeur. 

6. Stockholm, Sweden 

Stockholm is all about picturesque waterways and colorful buildings that are a feast for the eyes. The most charming thing about this city is that it houses a variety of top-notch cafes and shops. You can either wander through the beautiful parks or embark on a boat tour with your family and take delight in the sight of scenic cityscape views. Moreover, the cobblestone pathways of Stockholm’s old streets and other attractions like the Royal Palace are definitely worth exploring. 

7. Les Gets, France 

Another majestic destination in Europe for skiing enthusiasts, Les Gets is full of charm and beauty. Boasting a large ski area and luxury chalets with high-grade finishes, Les gets is one of the few ski resorts where you can experience the thrill of other amazing activities like paragliding and dog sledding as well. The nicest thing about this ski resort is that it offers excellent fine dining options and perfectly meets the needs of families. In addition to all this, the alluring and exciting nightlife of Les Gets attracts travelers who are looking for a laid-back holiday experience. Lastly, if you are truly passionate about skiing and have a keen desire for adventure, you must pay a visit to Les Gets at least once in your lifetime. 

8. Venice, Italy 

When one thinks about traveling to Venice, the first thing that comes to mind is romantic boat tours, however, this destination is not just for lovebirds. Situated in the northeastern coast of Italy, Venice boasts multiple iconic bridges and historic sights that never fail to grab the attention of onlookers. Considering the abundance of ravishing attractions and eateries in this destination, Venice undoubtedly has the potential to cater to the travel needs of all types of holidaymakers. Furthermore, discovering this spellbinding destination can surely make up for a quintessential European holiday. 

Europe boasts some of the best tourist destinations in the world, which is why the continent sees a large influx of international travelers all year round. When it comes to touring beautiful places with your family, ensuring a convenient journey is of utmost importance. So, before you pick out your favorite destinations and fly off to Europe with your loved ones, make sure that you purchase all the right travel essentials in advance to pave the way for an unforgettable and fun-filled family holiday. 

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Pit Stops for Kids AUTHOR: Amy Whitley is the founding editor of Pit Stops for Kids and content editor of Trekaroo. She writes on staff monthly at a number of travel publications, and contributes to OutdoorsNW magazine as an outdoor adventure traveler. Find Amy at Google.




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