Destinations in Sydney to visit with your kids

Lots of people say that as parents, you should always try to make time for yourself. Go to places alone, recharge, and experience new things without the kids by your side. But there will always be that nagging feeling, making you feel guilty that you should’ve have brought the kids with you as you see such view you are looking at, or this street performance. Simply because you just miss them everyday.

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Fun destinations in Sydney to visit with your kids

So a trip with the family should always be in the to-do list! The only question is, where would be the next stop? Well, Sydney is one of the best places to go to when you are traveling with kids. It is a city jampacked with different kinds of places to go to — from museums to beaches, children with different interests will always have something to do. Not to mention, it offers some of the best food destinations and top-notch hotels like The Star accommodation in Sydney, so you will never hunt for anywhere else.

To help you build your Sydney itinerary, here are places you can go to with your kids during your trip.

Wild Life Sydney

Australia has always been known for its ravishing wild life where animals roam freely and well taking care of in a way some cities would not. Wild Life Sydney has an indoor zoo called Wild Life World that houses Australia’s native animals like snakes, kangaroos, spiders, emus, and koalas. You will also find a butterfly garden that lets you approach these insects. There is also a rooftop koala encounter that lets you get up close to them so you can take a picture.

Balmoral Beach

Another Australian experience you should not skip is going to any of their beaches. The Balmoral Beach on the North Shore of Sydney is a very popular destination for both locals and tourists. It has the best view of the clear ocean and offers lots of activities that both you and your kids will enjoy. There’s a footbridge you can cross to see the breathtaking views of the harbour.

Madame Tussauds

Looking at figures of iconic people in history and pop culture is a good art and culture lesson your family can have by visiting Madame Tussauds. This is an exciting way to show your kids the people who have been pivotal in history and celebrities they do not recognise yet. Aside from the educational side, visiting Madame Tussauds is also a unique way for them to appreciate talent and art. Despite being a popular destination around the world, not a lot of people have been in any of the Tussauds museums, and including it in your itinerary means your kids can take part in something completely exciting and extraordinary.

Grounds Keeper Cafe

You can cap off a fun day with a couple of burgers at Grounds Keeper Cafe in Ryde Park. They have an extensive menu of food your kids will love munching like chicken tenderloins and cheese burgers. But one of the things that make it such a popular place to go is its location. It’s strategically located in the middle of the park where a playground can be found.

Sydney is truly one of the most breathtaking places in the world. Traveling here with your family will be awesome, and with an itinerary like this, you and your kids will definitely have an amazing time touring around Sydney.