Children-Friendly Activities around Lisbon

If one had to choose a single word to describe Lisbon, the amazing capital city of Portugal, chances are that, that word would be “charming”. There are many other words that spring to mind, such as romantic, picturesque, sunny and striking, with this city looking like something straight out of a Disney fairy-tale.


Thanks to the fact that this is one of the oldest cities in the world, Lisbon does a fine job in bringing stunning old-fashioned buildings and modern architecture together in a way that is guaranteed to take your breath away. When it comes to admiring antique buildings, learning about their rife histories, this is usually about the time that the children switch off, pulling out their cell phones. Luckily for families hopping on a plane, train, car or boat to Lisbon, you’ll be glad to know that there is an endless list of amazing experiences that will be fun for the entire family.

Before one can even take a step out into the charming streets of Lisbon, it is important to find the perfect accommodation that will keep the family entertained. Hotels are all good and well, but they take away from that warm, cosy feel of travelling with your loved ones. With most of the best attractions a short bus or cab ride away from city centre, why not enjoy a comfortable housetrip at the many cottages, both self-catering and B&B-styled, that are scattered across the city.

Sleeping with the fishes at Lisbon Oceanarium

Don’t worry, we mean sleeping with the fishes in an educational way, rather than the Mafia way. The Lisbon Oceanarium holds the title as the second largest aquarium in Europe, with over 8000 different aquatic species to admire and learn about. Families are able to book sleepovers, allowing you to doze off with massive Grey Nurse Sharks swimming gracefully nearby.

Feel like James Bond on the amphibious Hippotrip tour

Tell a child that you are going on a city tour, and they will not feel excited, tell them that part of the city tour takes them into the River Tagus, and they will lose their mind! This land-sea excursion is a must for all families, allowing you to learn about Lisbon in a way that is exciting and memorable.

Pull Strings at Museu da Marioneta

Everyone knows that when it comes to families, it is usually the young ones that pull all the strings, and at this amazing puppet museum, they can do just that. Founded in 1987 and set in an ancient convent, this place is home to a massive number of puppets from around the world, spanning across several centuries.

Post written by Jason Swindon

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