Home (Away) for the Holidays: Five things to do from our front door

As you know, we loved our HomeAway vacation rental in South Tahoe. Not only is this house idyllic, comfortable, and convenient, but it sits right in the midst of Eldorado National Forest, providing acres of wilderness to explore right from the front door. It's not in a neighborhood of multi-million dollar mansions lining Lake Tahoe, for which we couldn't have been happier. Instead, it's located … [Read more...]

Home (Away) for the Holidays: Introducing an Alternative to Hotels

Halloween is over, and for me and my family, that means one thing: the holiday travel season is upon us! Instead of staying home for the holidays, the Pit Stops family is excited to be reviewing >this beautiful HomeAway property near Lake Tahoe, CA during the week of Christmas, and can't wait to share the experience with Pit Stops for Kids readers! Does your family travel for the holidays? If … [Read more...]

Packing for a Family: Tips and Tricks to Ease the Load

Packing for an entire family can be daunting (not to mention time consuming). First there's the pre-trip laundry, sorting, and folding. Then there's the piling of bags in the car or airport security drop-off. And even after that, there's all the time wasted digging through suitcases trying to find that toothbrush or pair of shoes or jacket you just know is in there...somewhere. I don't know … [Read more...]