Guide to Portland food carts with kids

Ever since getting my first taste of food cart eating in Vancouver last June, I've sought out food trucks and carts while in cities. I've found great food cart fare in Boston and traditional hot dog cart fare in New York City, and given Portland, Oregon's foodie bent, I wasn't surprised to find the food cart craze had hit the City of Roses as well. During an overnight at downtown Portland's … [Read more...]

Full-time family travel: live chat with Britt Reints

Tonight at Around the Campfire, we're hosting a live chat with Britt Reints of In Pursuit of Happiness, in which she will discuss her family's monumental decision to sell their possessions, alter their daily lifestyle, and set off to explore the U.S. in an RV full time. The Pit Stops crew has taken our fair share of long road trips (as many as 21 days in a row!), so the idea of taking to … [Read more...]

One Tank Wonders: where to travel after school starts

Our family vacations extensively during the summer months, but by autumn, school and sport schedules once again reign. Do we stop traveling? Never! But our adventures do take place closer to home. In fact, some of our favorite trips have taken place less than one tank of gas away from our hometown. Shorter trips are less stressful, usually less expensive, and easier to plan. You can be in the car … [Read more...]

Road-trip troubleshooting: when things go wrong on the road

I'll admit it: I've run out of gas on the road during a family vacation. (I've also had a U-Haul trailer break down on me in the middle of the night in the middle of Washington State, but that's another story.) It wasn't much fun, and I'll tell you what I wish I'd had at the time (both times): Allstate's Good Hands Roadside Assistance. Now I do (which as the laws of the universe dictate, … [Read more...]

A Pit Stop a Day Keeps the “Are We There Yets” Away

Or at least, that's my hope as my family and I embark upon a 22-day road trip, touring four national parks, six family-friendly resorts, eight states, and a partridge in a pear tree. Well, maybe not that last one (which means it's sure to show up on auto bingo, right?). Where are we going? Glacier National Park Yellowstone National Park Grand Teton National Park Zion National Park with … [Read more...]

When Pit Stops are Far and Few Between

When we first planned our recent spring break trip to Death Valley, CA (more on that to come!), I knew pit stops en route would be in short supply. I'd noted the lack of places to stop and play on Google Maps, and I thought I'd planned accordingly. Even so, I was concerned anew once we'd turned onto lonely I-95 shortly after our overnight in Reno, NV. For hundreds of miles, there's … [Read more...]