Where to find authentic cajun food in SW Louisiana

In much of Southwest Louisiana, alligators outnumber people, residents still live off the land to an impressive degree, and local cuisine is well-loved and much applauded. In fact, the Lake Charles, Louisiana area features a type of southern cuisine not experienced anywhere else. From cracklins to boudin to crawfish boils, SW Louisiana's authentic cajun food is truly an attraction in its own … [Read more...]

Fun and simple ways to celebrate Mardi Gras at home

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed so much of how we live our lives and continues to affect the world in countless ways, forcing many people indoors and triggering the cancellation of some of our favorite events, as well. For instance, it was recently announced that Mardi Gras would not be running as normal in New Orleans, bringing great sadness to so many people who adore the fun and … [Read more...]

How to spend three days in SW Louisiana

Southwest Louisiana has something for everyone: families will find rich culinary traditions, incredible wildlife, history, and adventure. Plus, there's plenty in the way of relaxation and play. Whether you come to Louisiana for the cajun cooking, festivals like Mardi Gras, or to glimpse an alligator, here's how to spend three days in SW Louisiana, act like a local, and get (almost) everything … [Read more...]

Driving the Creole Nature Trail in SW Louisiana

One of only a handful of All American Roads, the Creole Nature Trail runs in a loop of 180 miles, with numerous wildlife refuges, gulf beaches, and marshes along the way. Driving the Creole Nature Trail sounds like a lot of miles, but can easily be done in a day. It was the highlight of my trip to SW Louisiana. Along the way, families will find wildlife refuges, beaches, piers, and even a … [Read more...]