Three things to do in Acadia National Park with kids

Acadia National Park may be quite a hike from the nearest urban center or major airport, but this beautiful corner of downeast Maine offers families unlimited adventures, from bikes to boats to hiking trails and, if you’re lucky, the earliest sunrise in the continental US! Acadia is a relatively small park, and offers a lot of short, gentle hikes (and some tough ones as well) in addition to their … [Read more...]

Maine with kids: Baxter State Park backcountry itinerary for families

Baxter State Park is Maine's largest expanse of untamed public wilderness. With almost 210,000 acres to explore, where do you start? Our Baxter State Park backcountry itinerary for families includes days in the frontcountry enjoying Baxter's car camping options, several days in Baxter's backcountry, then a rest day to play and explore before departure. Baxter's scope and size is on a national … [Read more...]

Five kid-friendly attractions in Ogunquit Maine

Sometimes, looking for the perfect vacation destination can get a bit hectic, especially if you have a family and are searching for a kid-friendly spot. With rising prices in theme parks like Disneyland, Six Flags and Universal Studios, parents across the U.S. are now looking for cheaper vacation alternatives that don’t sacrifice fun over price. Highlighted in an article by Trip Advisor, … [Read more...]

What to do in Freeport, Maine with kids

When you think of Freeport, Maine, you probably think of outlet stores. That is, if you've even heard of it at all. And Freeport does have great outlets, including its anchor store, the original L.L. Bean and outlet. But there's more for families to do in Freeport than shop. What to do in Freeport Maine with kids: 1. Atlantic Seal Cruises: Freeport is right on the ocean, and families can … [Read more...]