Travel Gear We Use: Best rain boots for kids and adults

Will Spring Break travel take you somewhere a little soggy? Do you have a road trip or camping trip planned in a rainy climate? Maybe you simply live, as we do, in the Pacific Northwest! Either way, you're probably outfitting your family in rain boots this spring, and we've rounded up the best ones for travel days, camping trips, and all those days in-between.   Best rain boots for … [Read more...]

Lowa hiking boots review: Best hiking and travel hybrid shoe

I give Lowa boots a shout-out in our round-up of best hiking boots for the family, but this brand deserves its own post. Why? I now own three pairs of Lowa shoes, and I never travel without at least one of them. The Lowas I love are not hard-core, heavy boots, nor are they sneakers. They're perfect hybrids, allowing me to travel in comfort and then hit the trails, city walks and biking paths at my … [Read more...]

Fall travel wear: guide to Aventura leggings, tights, and tunics

You all know how deeply my love of Aventura Clothing runs. I love it so much, I am an Aventura and Ecōths ambassasdor, partnering with them for three years now to bring their travel-friendly styles to Pit Stops for Kids. Every year, they just get better and better, bringing us better styles, more comfort, and more practicality (pockets in pajama bottoms, hello!). This fall, I'm most excited … [Read more...]

Travel Gear We Use: best hiking boots for the family

We're continuing our Travel Gear We Use series with a category I'm asked about a lot: hiking boots. Need guidance on buying the best hiking boots for the family? The following picks for kids hiking boots (as well as adults) come from brands we use and trust to be sturdy, highly-functional, and affordable. All have been worn by us on our own backpacking and hiking trips. Best hiking boots for … [Read more...]

Travel Gear We Use: Best first aid kits for family travel

Several years ago, I became certified as a wilderness EMT and decided to create my own first aid kit for family travel. I created the ultimate kit: I left nothing out, and when I was done, there was no medical emergency I was not prepared for. The only trouble: my kit was the size of a pillowcase and had cost me almost $60 to put together. I'm often asked how to make a homemade first aid … [Read more...]

Summer travel wear for men who don’t care about travel wear

I have three men in my least, I have three people who wear men's size clothing. Two of them are teens. Since I review and write about travel wear all the time, you'd think they'd understand the benefits of quality travel pants and shirts and appreciate the importance of performance fabrics. But to be honest, they simply can't be bothered. They want to wear what is comfortable, and in … [Read more...]

Travel Gear We Use: Top sleeping bags for backpacking families

It's time to think family camping! Get your family geared up for the summer camping season by snuggling up in a down or down-alternative sleeping bag! Today on Travel Gear We Use, we're listing our favorite sleeping bags for backpacking and camping families, with lightweight and kids' picks. Best sleeping bag we use for kids:   We love our son's The North Face Dolomite 20F Youth … [Read more...]

Travel Gear We Use: Best day pack for international travel

I've been conducting travel bag reviews here and at Practical Travel Gear since 2009 and 2011 respectively. That's a lot of reviews! I've tried crossover bags, messenger bags, backpacks, totes, and roller bags. Finally, I think I've nailed it. I think I've found the best day pack for international travel, especially with kids in tow. That's right...     The Eagle Creek Catch … [Read more...]

Travel Gear We Use: best carry on luggage for kids

Welcome back to our Travel Gear We Use series. Today, we're recommending best carry-on size luggage for kids. When packing for a family trip, we are big fans of using carry-on luggage (here's an article on flying carry-on only). Why? Flying carry-on only saves money, helps kids become more responsible for their belongings, and keeps 'baggage' at a minimum...literally. Our favorite carry-on luggage … [Read more...]

Travel Gear We Use: Winter jackets that pack down small

Winter is a tough time of year to pack light, but it IS possible to do so. The easiest solution: winter wear that packs down small. We love our 'puffies'! The best packable jackets keep kids and parents warm during winter travel, but fit well into suitcases for carry-on travel: What Pit Stops for Kids' Dad is wearing: Arc'teryx Atom LT: No one does lightweight, quality, technical jackets … [Read more...]