Summer mosquito relief products for family travel

We love outdoor travel here at Pit Stops for Kids, but we hate mosquitos. We really, really hate them. We know DEET is terrible for us, but it's a shame, because it's the only thing that really repels them. However, when outdoors exploring, we have found a few mosquito relief products for kids that offer solutions. (We were not compensated for this post. Have I mentioned that we hate … [Read more...]

Summer travel wear for men who don’t care about travel wear

I have three men in my least, I have three people who wear men's size clothing. Two of them are teens. Since I review and write about travel wear all the time, you'd think they'd understand the benefits of quality travel pants and shirts and appreciate the importance of performance fabrics. But to be honest, they simply can't be bothered. They want to wear what is comfortable, and in … [Read more...]

New outdoor and camping gear for families

Camping season is almost here, and it's time to gear up! I spent a week last winter at Outdoor Retailer, becoming acquainted with new camping and outdoor gear from backpacks to tents to camp kitchens. Here's what's new this year, plus a few favorites that have stood the test of time. New camping gear for families: New camping gear and outdoor gear divided into several categories below: Day … [Read more...]

Travel Gear We Use: Top sleeping bags for backpacking families

It's time to think family camping! Get your family geared up for the summer camping season by snuggling up in a down or down-alternative sleeping bag! Today on Travel Gear We Use, we're listing our favorite sleeping bags for backpacking and camping families, with lightweight and kids' picks. Best sleeping bag we use for kids:   We love our son's The North Face Dolomite 20F Youth … [Read more...]

Aventura Clothing capsule wardrobe for spring travel

This spring, 'capsule wardrobes' are all the rage, and I understand why. The idea of putting together a collection of coordinating and complimenting pieces of clothing makes for a more organized day-to-day life and certainly makes packing easier for any trip. I've actually been creating capsule wardrobes for years, without knowing it had a name...I'm minimalistic by nature and probably just … [Read more...]

Central America packing list and gear picks

Heading to Central America? You're going to need to pack smart, for both sun protection and insect protection. And of course, you'll want to be comfortable in humid and tropical weather. We just returned from Panama and Costa Rica, where we stayed relatively cool and safe from the elements by following this Central America packing list. Central America packing list: 2-3 lightweight, … [Read more...]

CarLock review: Monitor your car while traveling

CarLock is a real-time car tracking and alert system. After installing the small device in your car, you can track many actions from your smartphone, including when your car is moved or started, how it's driven, and if your battery is low. You can also track where it goes via GPS. Read on for our CarLock review: What CarLock can do: Why do you need all this info? Let's say you're on a road … [Read more...]

Adventure travel for your phone: Tech 21 case review

Gone are the days when leaving your phone on the charging dock, at the ski lodge, in your backpack, or in the car is an option. I'm a big fan of outdoor adventure travel, but also a big fan of having my phone with me when I'm on vacation. It's often my camera, my communication device, my note taker, and my navigator. But I hate it when I feel limited because I'm worried about my phone. My … [Read more...]

Apple Watch travel tips

I bought my Apple Watch for heath and GPS exercise tracking. I regarded its travel uses with skepticism. After all, I have a phone, which already accompanies me on trips, and saw no need to carry two devices for the same purpose. However, after using the Apple Watch for a few months, I've found it to be an extremely useful travel tool. It's not great for everything, but it's helpful enough that I … [Read more...]

Travel Gear We Use: Best day pack for international travel

I've been conducting travel bag reviews here and at Practical Travel Gear since 2009 and 2011 respectively. That's a lot of reviews! I've tried crossover bags, messenger bags, backpacks, totes, and roller bags. Finally, I think I've nailed it. I think I've found the best day pack for international travel, especially with kids in tow. That's right...     The Eagle Creek Catch … [Read more...]