ProEditors review and professional video editing giveaway

Two questions: do you dread the lengthy, technical editing process of your vacation videos? And have you heard of My answers: yes...and not until last month! ProEditors is a service that pairs your raw vacation video clips with a team … [Read more...]

Holiday travel giveaway

Who's ready for an AMAZING giveaway? We've teamed up with other top travel writers who know their stuff when it comes to...well, stuff. Travel stuff, to be specific. The stuff you will need and want on your next trip to make traveling with kids just … [Read more...]

Travel tip: Fighting germs on vacation

I don't like to think too much about it, but there are a lot of icky germs out there, friends. Sure, there are a lot of benign ones, too, and I don't obsess over it, but none of us want to get sick when traveling. This is why I up my germ-fighting … [Read more...]

Puddle Jumper review and giveaway

A 'Puddle Jumper' no longer refers only to a happy kid in the rain. It's also a brand of US Coast Guard approved life jackets with an almost cult-like following among parents. Because we're all about getting kids outside in the summer, seeking … [Read more...]

Win a Kodak Video Monitor for home security

I probably shouldn't admit this, but until recently, we didn't own any type of home security system. We live in a safe neighborhood, have big dogs, and great neighbors who look out for us. However, after a flurry of break-ins to cars and garages in … [Read more...]

Travel gift idea and CanvasPop giveaway

We all have travel photos, and mostly, they stay on our phones and in our computers. Because I never want to fall into this trap, I am religious about creating photo albums to get my travel memories onto paper. However, I recently realized I neglect … [Read more...]

Win a stay at Montage Laguna Beach and help Passports with Purpose

The beach vacation town of Laguna Beach, California is very important to me; it's my birth place, and my family's hometown for many generations. I have wonderful memories of growing up on Laguna's sand and in its surf, and of bringing my own family … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Giveaway: Ecōths Organic Travel Clothing

I always recommend packing comfortable, stylish, and organic travel clothing for women, such these selections from Aventura Clothing. However, why should women get all the comfy travel clothes? This week, we're celebrating dads on Pit Stops for Kids … [Read more...]

Win a Hotel Vintage Plaza stay: Portland parents’ night out giveaway

There are so many things to do with kids in Portland Oregon, we're there every chance we get! But sometimes Mom and Dad need to get away on their own, if only for intel-gathering for the next family weekend! Are you ready to win an overnight in … [Read more...]

Holiday magic at the Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel: win a stay with Passports with Purpose

Fewer sights are more magical than a luxury hotel trimmed for the holidays, with trees, silver Christmas ornaments, and holly. One of our favorites, the Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel, is already appointed with holiday cheer, from the sandy beachfront to … [Read more...]