Holiday Inn Downtown Omaha review: A family-friendly place to hang your hat

Time to rack up those IHG points! If your family is enjoying the multitude of things to do in Omaha, consider hanging your hat at the Holiday Inn-Downtown Omaha. This hotel, a few blocks away from the concentration of downtown attractions, has just the right balance of quality and family-friendly touches to make it a home away from home. Holiday Inn Downtown Omaha review: This Holiday … [Read more...]

Nebraska travel: Omaha museums to visit with kids

Omaha, Nebraska is a thriving metropolis offering lots of attractions to families for a vacation close to home, including arts, sports, outdoors activities, and a number of quality museums. Our family recommends two Omaha museums to visit with kids: the Durham and the Omaha Children’s Museum. Visiting the Durham Museum with kids The Durham Museum, housed in Union Station, honors Omaha’s … [Read more...]

Nebraska with kids: Henry Doorly Zoo

In 2014, the Travelers’ Choice Awards named the Henry Doorly Zoo, in Omaha, Nebraska, its #1 zoo. This park, with its wide walkways lined with evergreen and deciduous trees, is well worth an extended visit by families of all ages. Here's how to plan your day at Henry Doorly Zoo with kids: What to see at Henry Doorly Zoo with kids: Henry Doorly Zoo is a sprawling complex, and for the most … [Read more...]

Des Moines area hotel review: Hotel Pattee

If you’re looking for charm and character off the beaten path, while still staying close enough to access the fun of a metro area, try the historic Hotel Pattee, in Perry, Iowa. This lovely old building, which first opened in 1913, offers the serenity of a small town location close to nature while still being close to a metro area with lots of attractions. Art sculptures at the roof top … [Read more...]

Northstar California: a guide to the mountain for kids, by kids

After multiple trips to Northstar California resort with my kids, I asked them what, in their opinion, kids shouldn't miss on the slopes. Their top picks: Cat's Face, the 22-foot half-pipe: Built for Olympic medalist Shaun White (who recently selected Northstar as his home resort), this intimidating half-pipe (with vertical sides 22 feet tall) is used by Shawn for training purposes…but open … [Read more...]

Little America: a classic Wyoming travel center

If you find yourself driving on I-80 through Wyoming, you'll need a pit stop, and trust us, they're hard to come by. Your oasis: Little America, the somewhat odd rest stop complex with an even odder name. Located at exit 68 of I-80, Little America is the only show in miles, and it delivers: families can find a shaded playground, a few picnic tables, a large mini-market, a quick service dining … [Read more...]

Northstar California with kids: an Aspen Grove mountain condo stay

Families visiting Northstar California have a dizzying array of lodging options.  If you're staying a week or more, or have a large group, we recommend a home rental in one of Northstar's mountain neighborhoods. If you want luxury and ski-in, ski-out pampering (recommended with small kids or short visits) or want to be close to the action, book a stay in the Northstar Village with Tahoe Mountain … [Read more...]

Winter at the Utah Olympic Park with kids

While exploring Park City Utah with kids, families will want to reserve time to visit the Utah Olympic Park. This half-day excursion is only minutes from Park City Utah, and 25 miles from Salt Lake City. The Utah Olympic Park is the site of several winter sports in the 2002 Winter Games, and is still home to several Olympic teams and hopefuls. Most days, visitors can see training in process … [Read more...]

Educational Travel: Is Temple Square Salt Lake City for everyone?

On a recent drive through Salt Lake City, we decided to stop (for the first time) at the city's famed Temple Square, and it made me wonder: is Temple Square Salt Lake City for everyone? I'll start with a disclaimer: we're not of the LDS faith. Because of this, the site does not hold any symbolic or sentimental meaning to us, other than as a significant player in Utah's rich history. We visited for … [Read more...]

Berkeley CA’s Adventure Playground

Remember playgrounds without padded mats below every surface and safety bars at every turn? Remember building forts in backyards with scraps of plywood and old nails? So does Adventure Playground Berkeley, located at the marina in Berkeley California. This play space has been in operation for 35 years, and is refreshingly unafraid of a lawsuit. We loved every minute. Adventure Playground is a … [Read more...]