Out ‘N About Treesort

Last weekend, the Pit Stops for Kids crew had the opportunity to stay in one of the most unique locations we've ever experienced: a tree house high in the air! At Out 'N About Treesort near Cave Junction, Oregon, guests have their pick of one of 15 tree houses, elevated yurts, cabins, and tree 'gazebos' in which to spend the night. Each one is different, offering different views, different … [Read more...]

Oregon Caves National Monument

If you're driving along Hwy 199 to or from the California or Oregon coast and I-5, a stop off the beaten path at Oregon Caves National Monument is well-worth a few hours of your time! A beautiful 20 mile drive from the highway (up OR-46), Oregon Caves offers cave tours of one of the few marble caves in the world, easy hiking trails, a gorgeous lodge with dining, and breathtaking scenery. The … [Read more...]