The best countries for family vacations: where to go now

The best gift every parent can gift to his child is the ability to travel. But to travel anywhere without much of the thought giving is not really considered being an excellent way to do it. To gift your children all the best, you should, at least, try to consider visiting these countries I am going to mention below. The team behind the Travel Ticker helped me to find these countries, and I … [Read more...]

Where to stay in Paris on a budget with kids

When we planned to spend five days in Paris with kids, we knew we'd be on a budget. To make it possible for us, we chose to book a HomeAway apartment rental in an outer arrondissement. This arrangement allowed us enough sleeping space for our family of five, a kitchen to cook some meals in, and a washing machine for our laundry. We already trusted HomeAway, as we use this site for ski vacations in … [Read more...]

How to plan a Paris itinerary with kids

With its 20 arrondissements connected by a busy metro system, Paris can feel intimating at first. The key to planning a Paris itinerary with kids is to plan your days ahead of time, grouping destinations by proximity and utilizing walking tours to bridge the gaps (figuratively and literally). When planning our five days in Paris, I started by making a list of our must-do’s, which included … [Read more...]

Touring Kilmainham Gaol in Dublin: Why this site should be on your itinerary

Few attractions in Dublin, Ireland feel more sobering to me than Kilmainham Gaol. An Ireland heritage site, Kilmainham's influence spans from the 1780s to the 1920's, serving as a backdrop to multiple tragic and heroic moments in Irish and European history. It's now one of the largest unoccupied gaols in Europe, and a great place to start learning about Irish history, particularly the Irish … [Read more...]

Pompeii or Ostia Antica: Which to include as a day trip from Rome

Click on just about any message board or forum about Roman travel, and you'll see the question, "Should we go to Pompeii or Ostia Antica during our trip to Rome? After debating the question for ourselves last month as we planned our own Roman holiday, I can tell you there's no easy answer. For those in the early stages of planning, here's the scoop: Pompeii is, of course, the site of the … [Read more...]

Exploring Christmas markets in Belgium

For our upcoming European vacation on a budget, we researched Christmas markets in France, Italy, and Belgium. While the country is still on high alert as officials ensure safety following the Paris terrorist acts, sources from both Flanders and Visit Brussels say that as of this posting, Christmas markets in the area will proceed as planned. Here's what we learned about exploring Christmas … [Read more...]

What terrorism won’t take from me

As many readers know, we plan to travel to Paris next month. I’ll be very honest: current events have us unsettled and saddened on many levels, including, of course, the impact on our trip plans. Here is why we’re still going. Terrorism won’t take my love of travel. A few, cowardly, misguided, damaged people won’t steal the joy I feel researching trips, complete with Google Maps and Rick … [Read more...]

Scotland barge cruise tips: Seeing Scotland by waterway

Scotland barge river cruises are gaining in popularity by the minute, and it's easy to understand why: these itineraries allow for all-inclusive convenience and luxury without sacrificing the intimate look at local scenery and culture lost when booking a larger ocean cruise. Scotland barge cruise tips: Scotland, with its canals and locks, is an especially ideal country to explore by waterway. A … [Read more...]

Road Trip Through Spain: Madrid to Barcelona

Ask GoogleMaps how to get from Madrid to Barcelona, and you'll be taken in a direct shot along the E-90. But take the road less traveled on a road trip from Madrid to Barcelona, and you'll be rewarded with fewer tourists and a more authentic local scene. Starting in Madrid, take the E-901 from Madrid through Cuenca and Aragon before meeting up again with the E-90 or A-2 into the seaside city of … [Read more...]

How to See a Family-Friendly Italy on a Budget

First off, I want to thank Amy and Kate for hosting me on this blog. There's a ton of great information on here for everything from summer trips to ski vacations, and I love that. Hopefully this post is a good complement to Amy's post on day trips around Rome—Rome has some neat history for sure, but so do so many of the nearby towns! Travelling with your family has its challenges, but it's a … [Read more...]