Travel tip: Benefits of booking an airport transfer service

After booking your air travel tickets and your hotel, sometimes, it’s easy to forget you need to link these two destinations together. I’ve been guilty of not giving much thought to how my family and I will get from the airport to our hotel, an important detail not to overlook! In many US cities, Uber or Lyft drivers offer the most economical transportation from the airport, but in most parts of Europe I’ve explored, these services haven’t been available at the airport. Taxis can get very expensive, and since we’re a family of five, we’re often forced to hire two taxis to get us all to our hotel.

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During the past few international trips we’ve taken, we’ve opted to book an airport transfer booking service instead. Kiwitaxi is one such service, which is currently in 94 countries. Others offer similar services, so read on whether you’re traveling to a city serviced by Kiwitaxi or not.”

Benefits of booking an airport transfer service

If you’re a regular reader of Pit Stops for Kids, you know we like budget travel options, and often utilize public transportation. I stand by this: public transit is a great way to stick to a travel budget while seeing the local vibe of a city. That said, when we fly internationally, we are BEAT by the time we arrive. Seeing our name on a sign at the arrivals hall, and having a friendly face greet us and guide us to a waiting car is worth the upgrade.

And in countries where public transit from the airport is not economical (for example, Paris, if you have more than a few family members to buy train fare for), booking an airport transfer service can actually be cheaper than grabbing two taxis.

With Kiwitaxi and similar services, you can plan ahead, booking online. For our family of five to get a ride from the airport into our apartment rental in Paris, a minivan transfer with Kiwitaxi would be less than $90 US. This may sound like a lot at the onset, but is actually compatible with other types of transportation and so much more convenient.

In each country, Kiwitaxi carefully chooses their service providers. Their vehicles are divided in several classes from micro (small family cars) to minibus for 19 passengers. If you are traveling with children you can order a child seat, which the driver will  install before the trip.

How Kiwitaxi works:

It’s super easy: you find the airport you need, and input your route (the address of your hotel, house, or other destination), then add your airline information so they can determine the right time to meet you.

I really like that Kiwitaxi sends you the name and local phone number of your driver ahead of time. This way, it’s easy to contact them in the case of a delay or even an early arrival.

We’ve booked airport transfers via town cars, minivans, and taxis in many airports, and have always had a good experience. Each time, I have felt thankful to have a clean, reliable ride at the end of a long journey.

Have you booked an airport transfer service? How did the experience go?





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  1. Amy, now that you mention it, arranging to have someone waiting at the arrival hall to great and guide you does sound worth the upgrade. I’ll have to plan that out for my next vacation. I figure that it also takes a lot of weight of your shoulders since you don’t have to worry about how you’ll get to your next destination.

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