Best family destinations in New Caledonia

Would you like to give our family that perfect family holiday destination? If the answer is in the affirmative, it would not be a bad idea to know something more about New Caledonia. There are scores of families who book a flight to New Caledonia to experience some of the most memorable tropical living experience. There are simply innumerable things to do in New Caledonia and you and your family members will be yearning for more and would not be too keen on catching the return flight back home.

New Caledonia: a look at some of the best family holiday destinations


A Combination Of Pacific Vibe And French Sophistication

According to many, New Caledonia is a combination of Pacific vibe and the best of French sophistication. If you and your family members love tropical adventure, then this is the place to be in. Not many people are too familiar with this destination. It is a combination of many islands situated in the South Pacific. It is considered as an archipelago and it situated to the east of Australia and to the north of New Zealand. It also lies south of Equator and is just to the west of Fiji and Vanuatu.

The capital of New Caledonia is Noumea. There are limitless ways of fun, frolic, enjoyment and adventure as far as the whole of New Caledonia is concerned. You also have many avenues of enjoyment and entertainment in the capital city Noumea. Hence, it does make lot of sense to book a flight at the right time and enjoy this wonderful place on earth called New Caledonia. We are pleased to share a few fun-filled things that you could do when on a visit to this place.

  1. Heart of Voh
    You can best explore New Caledonia when you choose to do it from a bird’s perspective. You could hire a microflight and it will take you over some of the most stunning spots in New Caledonia. You will be able to view the Heart of Voh. It is called by this name because the saline flats located around the mangrove have created what looks like a heart-shaped image and this is visible only from the top. You also can enjoy the awesome views of The Lagoon which is now a heritage UNESCO site since 2008.
  2. Aquarium Des Lagons
    A visit to New Caledonia is not complete without having a look at its marine wonders. This archipelago has wonderful coral reefs where a large variety of fish species thrive. Visiting Aquarium des Lagons is the safest way to enjoy this place. You could come across deadly sharks to harmless starfish. Kids would love when they get to see Nemo and Dory or even the blue tang fish or the clownfish. You also can see fascinating shark feeds some mysterious creatures like self-lighting fish, and nautilus mollusk.
  3. Take Part In Traditional Petanque
    If you visit a near playground or park you could try your hand at a game called Petanque. Locals love this sport and you should try your hand at it. It resembles lawn balls and is a game that could test your coordination, patience and precision. Local love showing their skills and also would not mind sharing it with your kids.
  4. Go On A Food Tour
    New Caledonia was claimed by France in 1853 and its cuisine has an influencing role on the French, according to French Classics. It is famous for unique cuisine and you must hop on a culinary tour if you love food. Bougna is a traditional Melanesian dish and is a combination of lobster, chicken or fish, interspersed with sweet potatoes, yams and coconut with bananas. It is rolled into banana leaves and served.
  5. Moselle Market
    The Mosella Market is situated near the Marina at Port-Moselle. It is the biggest market for New Caledonia. You can get the best of local products, taro, choko, tropical fruits, honey, spices and pastries. The local products offer 3 of the 5 pavilions and it is open from 5 am to midday from Tuesday to Sunday.
  6. Duck Island
    Monday is a rest day in New Caledonia and you can also laze around or make good use of it. try and move to lle aux canards or Duck Island. You will have to take a short taxi ride to the island. You can have your snorkeling gear and dive into the awesome waters and enjoy the marine world. You can enjoy a good al fresco meal and relax.
  7. Ride The Led Petit Train
    The Le Petit Train can take you around the capital and it is great fun and enjoyment. Also known as Tchou Tchhou train, this train makes circles of the city. Kids would most certainly love it. You can hop on and hop off at any station and enjoy the main sights of the city being comfortably seated in the train.
  8. Park Zoologique Et Forestier
    The above Le Petit train also halts at Parck Zoologique et Forestier. You can see some of the most unique native animals. You will see the national bird, the Cagou apart from having a chance to see monkeys, parakeets, chill lizard and bats. It also has other cool places where you can get some of the most amazing views.
  9. Enjoy Water Sports
    Water activities and New Caledonia are closely wedded to one another. You can engage in sailing classes, kitesurfing, windsurfing, water-skiing and jet skiing. You could also try kayaking and paddle-boating if you love something quite and relaxed. If you are not keen on wetting yourself, you could try your hand in fishing
  10. Traditional Dancing
    If you move to Noumea center in the evening you could have traditional dancers to sing and tertian you with their lovely lullabies and rhythmic moves. You also could enjoy ice-creams from the many stalls apart from trying some fun-face painting amongst other things.
    Hence, at the end of the day, there is no doubt that you have a number of things to do when you are on a visit to New Caledonia. It is perhaps one of the best gifts that you could give to your children and kids. They will come back with some fascinating memories.

Some Useful Information About Visa

If you are a New Zealand, EU, Australia or US passport holder, you do not require visas for staying up to three months. Your passport must be valid at least for six months and you must show either onward or return ticket while entering. Those who are eligible passport holders and are transiting through Australia by sea or air to New Caledonia can apply for transit visa for Australia. It is referred to as sub class 771. Transit visa is also available for Australians and also for those who hold maritime Crew Visa (subclass 988). They have to enter an Australian airport and then join the crew of a ship that is non-military in nature.

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