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Dogs are widely known as some of the best companions to be with. They offer the best comfort while in the house, especially after a long day. The same also happens when one is taking a trip to a beach, a road trip, or by a flight across the overseas. Although the adventure is fun for both the owner and the dog, the traveling bit can be challenging for all of them. This is because one has to choose hotels that are friendly to pets, nearness to the veterinary services, and access to most locations.

However, the vacation can still be exciting since there are myriads of gears in the stores to ensure efficient rides. This article has gathered some of the best travel accessories for people who enjoy their vacations with their tail-wagging friends.

Paw plunger

Traveling involves seizing every opportunity as a time to enjoy. While some may take their vacations to the beach, they often come across all sorts of soils such as muddy, sandy, or the usual dirt. The element of the fun comes in when people find it enjoyable to play in these kinds of soils. Dogs are not left out as they have to walk through the same ground, and will in the process, have these foreign materials stick in their paws. 

With a paw plunger, all you need to do is fill the container with water, dip the paws of your dog in it, and leave the plunger to extract all the dirt. This is a quicker and a more efficient way to remove the mud or dirt from the paws as compared to physical removal. 

Portable water bottle

During your excursion, your dog should remain healthy and hydrated. Unfortunately, quenching the thirst of your pet may be quite cumbersome as one is forced to carry an extra bowl for feeding. However, a portable pet water bottle has been designed in a way that the trough is big enough to feed your pet. In addition to that, it is leak-proof to ensure that the traveling bag remains dry at all times. 

Dog car seat cover

For the people who love making trips with their dogs in the car, they can attest that a car seat cover is one of an essential item to have. This is because your dog will always shed some fur on the surfaces, regardless of how healthy he is. Hair may make the seats messy and may stick to some clothes. However, you can still avoid all the hustle by purchasing a seat cover. 

In addition to that, ensure that it is complete with adjustable straps and anchors to ensure that the dog stays in position during the whole ride. This not only provides comfort but also ensures that your seats’ upholstery is not damaged. 

Yacht dog float

Just like you, we all deserve to have our best of lives in summer; our four-legged pals deserve a lifetime of fun as well. This time, he should not be left with someone to watch over them while you enjoy the waters. The dog floats are inflatable, and designed in a boat shape to ensure that it can hold the weight of the dog without much pressure. In addition to this, some have been enhanced with different compartments to ensure that it can keep both toys and treats. 

Portable dog bath system

A trip may hinder someone from giving their dog a thorough wash. However, you ought to remember that he deserves to stay clean at all times regardless of the distance from home. With a portable dog bath system, one can give their canine a quick bath virtually anywhere. Most of them are vacuum-like as they only require a small amount of water to clean the dog without leaving a trace of a mess behind. Moreover, you do not have to worry about the dirt as the bath has a separate tank to store the extra fur and dirty water. 


After a bath, the fur ought to be dried immediately to ensure that it does not tangle back. The best item for this is a dog blow dryer as it protects not only the delicate hairs but also the soft skin of the canine. Other traditional forms of drying the fur, such as using a towel, are not acceptable, as they further break them. 

Pet first aid kit

The safety of your dog should always come first. For those who have stayed with dogs, they know how these animals can be cunning and mischievous at times. Some of those adventures may result in injuries. However, with a first aid kit in your traveling bag, you will always have some of the essentials such as antiseptic wipes and gauze in handy. 

While being adventurous, we ought to ensure that our dogs remain comfortable and happy during the whole trip. This can only be achieved if certain accessories, as stated herein, are carried along. 

For even more pets accessories, head out to Petside, they cover plenty of guides on the best pet gear.

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