Fall travel wear: guide to Aventura leggings, tights, and tunics

You all know how deeply my love of Aventura Clothing runs. I love it so much, I am an Aventura and Ecōths ambassasdor, partnering with them for three years now to bring their travel-friendly styles to Pit Stops for Kids.

Every year, they just get better and better, bringing us better styles, more comfort, and more practicality (pockets in pajama bottoms, hello!). This fall, I’m most excited about Aventura leggings, tights, and tunics. Why? Instant capsule wardrobe for travel days! Packing leggings and tights take up so much less room than jeans and pants, they look great with tunics and sweaters, and they’re so comfortable for travel. Here’s what to wear:

aventura clothing

Start with leggings and tights:

Sasha legging: 

My newest find at Aventura is this fun, patterned legging that’s actually a poly-spandex blend. It has an almost structured waist, and is thicker than most of Aventura’s leggings, which means it feels less like a tight. Absolutely best of all: this legging doesn’t sag. I repeat…I never have to tug the Sasha legging up when I’m wearing it. Thank goodness! The Paisley legging is super similar, just with a more earthy pattern. 

Bienne legging:

A longtime favorite of mine, the Bienne isn’t new, but it’s become a mainstay. Get a few pairs and enjoy the fact that they last for years. Unlike the Sasha and Paisley, I think the Bienne feels more like a tight: they’re thinner and tighter-fitting, and pair great with wintery dresses and skirts. The Gilda legging is similar, if you want a pattern.

Add your favorite tunics and sweaters:

Becca tunic:

I love simplicity and a streamlined look, and the Becca is versatile because it goes with both patterned leggings and solid leggings. It’s an organic cotton tunic with just a dash of spandex to give it some stretch, and has a casual, almost sporty look. My only complaint: c’mon Aventura, give me some hidden zip pockets in my tunics!

Zayda Tunic:

Again…goes with everything! The Zayda actually only comes in gray, and if you bought the Jaylee sweater dress I recommended last time, I promise that dress goes well with all tights and leggings, too. The Zayda is a bit thicker and warmer; this fall, I haven’t needed any additional layer when I wear it.

Corinne sweater:

Best light sweater wrap ever for the plane! I just got the Corinne in August, and it’s already been put through its paces on multiple flights. It’s thin, soft, and doesn’t wrinkle, and goes with everything. I have paired it with slacks and jeans, too, but it goes best with leggings for a really comfy combo on the airplane. And it looks sophisticated, too, which is more than I can say for my favorite fleece or sweatshirt.

Scarlett dress:

A thinner, softer tunic dress than any I’ve tried, the Scarlett is a yarn-dye jersey dress that comes in three fall-forward colors. It features a pretty shawl collar, and is 37 inches long, so it can easily be worn with tights or just knee-high boots if the weather is warm enough.

Layer with a light jacket:

Barton jacket:

I admit I have a zillion winter coats, so my family rolled their eyes when I collected yet another. But while the Barton looks heavy, it’s actually thinner than you’d think, making it the perfect fall and spring coat to slip on over tunics and tees. The asymmetrical woven design is so cute, and it’s 100% organic cotton.

Simone vest:

Every woman needs a good vest. The Simone is 100% polyester fill, and has a soft knit collar as a nice touch. It comes in multiple colors, but I recommend the soft white or black so you can pair it with all your leggings and tunics.

Want to try Aventura Clothing? Email us  for a coupon code for 60% off any order up to $250! 

Disclosure: This post was written in partnership with Aventura, as an ambassador for the brand. All opinions are my own.