Aventura Clothing fall leggings and jeggings for travel days

I’m back with this travel season’s Aventura Clothing picks! Listen, I continue to promote this brand as an ambassador because when I travel, I’m wearing Aventura about 80% of the time. Why? Most pieces are organic cotton, which are comfortable and dont’ wrinkle, plus so many of their items are versatile. I can travel carry-on only without a hitch when I pack a lot of Aventura leggings and jeggings, pair them with tunics and cardigans, and wear my favorite boots onto the plane. Here are my favorite fall leggings and jeggings for travel:

Fall leggings and Jeggings:

Liz Jegging: Fits and looks like a pant, but comfier, which makes it the perfect pant for when you want to achieve a tailored look, but not suffer while sitting for a long time, like in a plane or car. Comes in three jewel-tone colors for $77, and it’s organic cotton.

Kody Legging: Aventura has a bunch of different patterned and styled leggings this fall, and as a reminder from past seasons, Aventura’s leggings are like legging/tight hybrids, in my opinion, in all the best ways. They fit snugly and do not sag, but are thicker than traditional tights. This season, I tried the Kody, and love their subtle horizontal stripes, but the Bienne is a solid classic, and the Nordic-looking Sasha is always good in winter. And I love that almost all Aventura’s leggings are around $35.

Karma Jegging: These jeggings fit loosely and have a really comfy waist, plus pockets! The fabric is thin, which is generally a good thing, but they tend to reveal every curve, bump, and bulge. If that’s not a problem for you, go for it! They’re a poly-spandex blend with a 28-inch inseam, which is a little long for me, but worked fine scrunched up with a boot or rolled. $85

Shatki Legging: My favorite of the season! The Shantki is thicker than most of Aventura’s leggings, ready-made for chilly evenings and winter days. It looks more classic than sporty, and has both hip pockets (perfect for your phone) and a zippered security pocket that would fit a car fob or key or a credit card or room key. It’s poly-spandex with a brushed interior, selling for $89 (and worth every penny).

Favorite tunics to pair with them:

Quinlan Tunic: This poly-wool blend is super soft, and the tunic is breathable even though it’s pretty thick. The cowl-neck gives it some elegance, while still feeling like you’re wearing your coziest sweatshirt. Great with any of the leggings above. Comes in four jewel-tone colors. $105

Cheyenne shirt-jac: Everyone needs a shirt-jac in their life, and this one is cozy enough to feel like a blanket. The plush fleece is heavenly, and while substantial, since this shirt-jac lives up to its name, fitting like a shirt while warming you like a jacket, it’s not too bulky. It has a curved hemline for a more tailored look. I wear mine with just a tee or cami under it. Comes in three colors for $115.

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