Aventura capri breakdown: Which Aventura capri pant to buy

For today’s Travel Gear We Use, I want to take a moment to compare various style of my favorite travel pants and capris. If you’ve checked out Aventura Clothing, you can probably see why this brand is my favorite for traveling in. Aventura clothes are almost all organic cotton, which don’t wrinkle, they’re designed for an active lifestyle, and they’re comfortable and practical.


Me, wearing the Galina capri while bird watching in Louisiana.

Aventura capri breakdown:

I get it: when you’re ordering online, you can’t try things on, and even when a company makes it easy to return and exchange things, it’s a pain in the rear. Hopefully, this guide on which Aventura pant to buy will help you make the right selection on the first try.

I have a true size 8 waist, but larger thighs (I’d like to think it’s all muscle, but…). I find that the following capris and pants fit me well. If you tend to be ‘pear shaped’, try these styles:


  • Harlow capri: I love this new capri style! The Harlow is thin and lightweight, has a narrower waist and more generous thigh, and falls to mid-calf for me. (It will fall to just below knee-length for tall women.) The white color especially is very summery. It also comes in a short.
  • Arden pant and capri: The Arden capri is a classic of Aventura’s, and also comes in a pant and short. Like the Harlow, it has a true-to-size waist and shorter leg length, and it’s organic cotton. The legs can roll up or down to change the length, too. It comes in a wide variety of colors now.

If you have thinner legs but maybe a larger middle, I’ve found the following styles to be roomier than most in the waist, but straighter in the leg:


  • Mackenzie capri: The Mackenzie is a dressier capri that has cute button accents on the bottom and a 17″ length. Plus, it’s not new this season, so it’s on sale.
  • Galina capri: I’ve fallen in love with the new Galina capri, because it wears almost like a skinny pant on shorter people like myself. The length goes almost to my ankle (26″ inseam), but will fall at about mid-calf for tall women. The Galina has a wider waist and narrower leg, so I needed to order up a size. They do stretch out during the day, however.

General Aventura capri and pant tips:

  • Aventura clothes usually run slightly big. If you’re a true size 8, for instance (just using myself as an example here), you may be a size 6-8 in Aventura clothes.
  • Organic cotton pants will have quite a bit of give and stretch, whereas linen (per usual) will not.
  • Aventura leggings and tights are true to size, and never sag, making them a great choice if you can’t find a pant you love. I recommend the Bienne capri legging, which goes great under dresses and skirts.

What’s your favorite Aventura capri?

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