An adventure in Miami designed by kids

Looking for a great place to take the kids on vacation? If you left it up to them, they might choose Miami Florida – there’s a lot more to this Sunshine State than Orlando’s Disney and water parks, that’s for sure. There’s a whole week or fortnight’s worth of activities in Miami for kids, and it’s certainly not just packed with crowds on South Beach, Art Deco architecture and parties ‘til dawn (although of course these are all available too).

Miami for kids

Miami Metro Zoo

This is a diverse and interesting zoo full of creatures from Asia, Africa and Australia. Unlike other zoos, it’s cage-less, meaning that the animals are free to roam around. They are grouped around their geographic areas and live together peacefully. It’s a wonderful place to experience happy and relaxed animals that live outside of restrictive cages. Young children will love the petting zoo where they can touch the domesticated species, and you can take along a picnic to enjoy in the designated area once you’ve finished your visit.

Miami Children’s Museum

This isn’t a static or hands-off museum like others. The motto of ”Play, Learn, Imagine, Create” is demonstrated through the stimulating and interactive exhibits that make it fun and easy for younger kids to learn about important aspects of life. Allow them to acquire knowledge about the importance of banking, let them see sands from around the world, as well as paying a visit to the grocery store to pick up fruit and veg. It’s a fun and educational day and will give parents a well-earned rest, while the little ones play to their heart’s content.

Jungle Island

Formerly known as Parrot Jungle Island, it was once only famous for birds. Nowadays, with a name change to Jungle Island, the park has expanded to include a menagerie of racous and beautiful animals such as lemurs, orangutans and tigers. It’s a proper jungle now, with a petting area that the kids will adore, including the opportunity to feed the parrots. Jungle Island additionally has an enormous playground so that they can blow off some steam.

The Everglades

This mammoth national park features 1.5 million acres of swampland, grass prairies and tropical jungle. It’s the domain of wild dreams of exploration for adults and children. Satisfy your need to have an adventure with a private tour of The Everglades by boat. There’s opportunity to try to find elusive and beautiful endangered species including the Florida Panther and West Indian Manatee. The park is also home to plenty of insidious, man-eating alligators too. The fear-factor on this trip will be palpable! Airboat rides at the Gator Park are a really popular option (just make sure you use the ear plugs for the fast bits) – you even have the opportunity to hold a baby alligator at the end…cute for some!

Lion Country Safari

Most kids love animals, and in particular, regal and elegant big cats. So, you should take them along to the Lion Country Safari. This is Florida’s only drive-through safari park, with around 900 animals. After you have gone on a trip through the park and fed the giraffes, try the rides – including a carousel, flying elephant and Ferris wheel – before finally give your kids the opportunity to play in the playground. Camel rides are hugely popular too and after the adventure your kids will be worn out and ready for a good night of sleep.

There are plenty of day trips in Miami that will keep your family itinerary buzzing with activity. Days out can be cultural, scientific in slant, or just full of pure youthful exuberance, plus there’s always the cinema on the bustling Lincoln Road if you need to take a break from the heat. You can be assured that come 7pm the kids will be out like a light; allowing you to enjoy some peace and quality time in the long Miami evenings.

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