Amsterdam with kids: what to experience in Amsterdam

There are several cities around the world which are key traveler spots. One among them has to be Amsterdam which is the capital city of the Netherlands. When we think about the place the usual pictures do come in our mind that highlights its beauty. There are several popular destinations which are a must visit for all travelers. But along with that, we think that it is important to have some experiences that are solely local and will help you to know the city in a better way. So, we are here with some of the unique experiences that you can have in Amsterdam.

Visit Condomerie:

When we talk about Amsterdam, one of the things that strike us apart from the harbor is its red light area. So, one of the things that people need to think about is of safe sex. Condomerie is the shop that is dedicated to this and they do sell condoms. But apart from that the shop also lets you experience erotic art and it is operating in the city from 1987. They also provide information about safe sex which was derived from their need to win the battle against AIDS. They call themselves a specialist shop and we really like the interior of it.

Alternative Cultural Events at Vondelbunker:

It was the time of World War II and a lot of Atomic bunkers were built throughout the Netherlands. Vondelbunker is one of them that is present in Amsterdam. It was acquired by some of the artists and currently, they organize different events related to the place. If you are a fan of alternative and underground movements, then you will find your share of events over here. They have an interesting website that talks about the events that you can enjoy in the upcoming days. This spot will help you to know more about the youth culture that is an integral part of Amsterdam. To explore the culture of the city, the best is to have a guided tour of the city by a local and this can be done by connecting to Withlocals.

The Nine Streets:

If you are in Amsterdam, you will want to visit the local places that hold your attention. As you may already know the canals are an important part of the city. The nine streets crisscross the canals and make a beautiful site. You can easily walk to the place from the Royal Palace. There is everything from boutiques to art galleries to shops selling curios. One of the most interesting things that you should visit is the cafes present in this area. They brew fresh coffee whose taste will linger with you for a long time. Do try the bars to taste some amazing alcohol.

Visit the In De Wildeman:

When in Amsterdam, you need to indulge in tasting the beer. This is an amazing beer tasting bar which is found in the city. It was formerly a distillery so you can expect to find authentic beer over here. They sell 250 types of beer, so we are sure that the visitors will be overwhelmed. The place also has some options of the local Dutch brewers which is a must try for everyone. Do check their website to know more about the beers that they are currently serving. The place remains closed on Sundays and does find your way as it is hidden in an alley.

Check out books at Amsterdam’s Central Library:

When you are traveling you wouldn’t really think about checking out a library. But if you are someone who loves books, then do visit the central library. The OBA was first established in 1919 and the central library opened in 1979. The current building was established in 2007. The library is spread over 27,500 m2. It remains open from 10 AM to 10 PM. As a traveler, you can go there for free and look at the different books that they have to offer.

So, here are some of the places that you can visit in Amsterdam. It is a really nice city and the inclusion of these places will make your stay even better.