5 reasons to travel by car during a pandemic

When we found ourselves closed at home last year, we didn’t believe it would last for too long. However, people still stay at home globally and don’t know when the world will get back to normal. The challenging epidemiological situation led to the fact that about 54% of Americans decided to travel by car, hitting the road. Last year they arranged two journeys on average and planned to travel even more after reading the xtm rooftop tent review and finding vast opportunities such equipment can provide them with. If you have some doubts, it is time to study five key reasons why you should give a road trip a try.


1. Increased safety

Two years ago, people chose to travel by car because it was a great way to take as much luggage as possible. Airlines have their restrictions, and many travelers cannot meet them. However, today safety has become the number one priority. It is much easier and safer to travel by car and avoid crowds of strangers. If you take snacks with you, it is possible to stop in a wonderful, secluded place in the fresh air. Traveling by car with family members can become a pleasant and, more importantly, safe pastime when you change scenery and fill your life with positive vibes.  

2. Freedom of movement

Traveling by car suggests complete freedom of action and movement. The chances are high that you have a list of must-visit places within the country or even a region. You can hit the road, choosing the most fascinating and beautiful route with picturesque landscapes and attractions. The very cool thing is that your adventure starts even before you reach the final destination. It is an unforgettable visual experience since you can always stay longer in one place or pop in a new spot.

3. Economy

Even though you will have to spend money on fuel, it will be much cheaper than buying airline tickets, for example. It is especially true if you come up with a route beforehand and arrange a family trip. Only you decide how much you spend on food, what attractions to visit, and whether you need additional staff or are okay with everything you have. When you get a car tent, you can save a pretty penny since you can sleep right there.

4. Fun pastime

There are various reasons people take such an adventure despite the epidemic and general uneasy situation. One of them is, of course, the inability to go abroad and a decrease in the number of alternative traveling options. At the same time, Americans admit that they’ve started traveling way more since the beginning of the pandemic. Most of them avoided road trips and couldn’t even imagine how fun and interesting such an experience can be. However, when you travel by car, you can listen to music, play games and fool around together.

5. Psychological comfort

The pandemic is about tension, fears, and huge inner discomfort. You can choose any destination and make a route that will meet your expectations and needs. For example, when you travel by car, the most crowded place can be a gas station, but you don’t need to stay in lines and be surrounded by others for a long time. Thus, when you hit the road with your dear people, you can relax and enjoy the atmosphere around you. The risk of communicating with unpleasant or sick strangers is minimal. In other words, traveling by car contributes to the release of “good” hormones that help you feel happy and satisfied.

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