Homeopathic travel remedies: five items you need now

Have you tried homeopathic travel remedies for family travel? We’ve written about the best first aid kits for family travel, and even about items that should be in your bug-out bag for road trips. But the items we use most often to cure common illnesses and bumps and bruises on the road are natural and holistic. Here’s what we always have with us, au naturale!

Five homeopathic travel remedies:



Haven’t heard of it? I hadn’t either, until recently, but my mother-in-law informed me she’s been using arnica since before I was born. This homeopathic remedy reduces swelling, bruising and soreness. In our first aid kit, we have Hyland’s 4Kids Bumps ‘n Bruises ointment stick, which is made with arnica. The stick looks a lot like a rub-on sunscreen, so it’s not intimidating, and reduces swelling on minor bumps and bruises. What I love: it’s sure easier to pack this little stick than to try to have ice on-hand for the inevitable fall! Buy on Amazon for $15.99.

Essential Oils:

Sure, they’re a buzz word right now, but essential oils really can make a difference, especially when trying to soothe kids who are missing their regular routine. I know families who travel with a diffuser and oils, but for us, this is just too much stuff to bring along on trips. Instead, I bring just one essential oil blend: MotionEaze. MotionEaze combines lavender, peppermint, frankincense, chamomile, myrrh, Ylang Ylang, and birch for ready-made motion sickness relief. We find it useful for both car rides and the plane. We apply the oil behind the ear, but some families prefer to place it on the wrists. Buy on Amazon for $8.24.

Aloe Vera:

Most parents know about the soothing effect of aloe vera for kids suffering from sunburn. We pack a bottle of aloe vera every time we travel somewhere warm, either in travel-size for air travel or a bigger container for road trips. Not only does aloe vera cool sunburns, but did you know it can be used as a face cleanser or make-up remover too, in a pinch? It’s best to get the type produced uses cold-press techniques, to get the most benefit. Buy on Amazon for $15.95.


No one wants to get sick on vacation. I think parents fear this outcome even more than most…especially those who have tried to sleep in a small hotel room while caring for sick kids. We believe in echinacea’s properties that aid the immune system. We buy echinacea in capsule form, and have our older kids take it pre-trip (as instructed on packaging) and if they even think they’re getting a cold. It’s also available in droplets for younger kids. Not sure about echinacea? Try Airborne. This Vitamin C booster also aids the immune system. Buy on Amazon for  $25 or less.


Taking a ginger root capsule before getting in the car at at the start of a road trip ensures I’m able to read to the kids and get work done without getting queasy. We also like to have ginger chews on-hand for the kids. We found ginger to be especially useful when we went on a snorkeling trip in a small boat. I dislike motion sickness medication because they make us sleepy. Ginger, like MotionEaze, allows us to stay active and enjoy the day. Buy on Amazon for $5.44.

Bonus item: Essential Oil Diffuser

Should you bring a diffuser on family vacation? My answer: sometimes. For road trips and winter trips to dry, high elevation, having a humidifier/diffuser can be very helpful for keeping everyone healthy. While you can pick from many small, portable diffusers, the one we use is the MIUCOLOR Essential Oil Diffuser. We love this one because it can be set on a timer, it works as a humidifier (we use this especially in hotel rooms in Colorado and Utah, where there is dry air), and it triples as a nightlight. We simply bring a few essential oils, like Fresh Air or an immunity booster, and keep it going all night in our hotel room.

Additional ideas:

Nature’s Rite Congestion Relief: this remedy works well for general sinus congestion. My youngest son gets ‘stuffy’ very easily, especially on planes and when traveling to areas with climate extremes, such as dry heat or humidity. I’d rather try a natural remedy before treating him with medication that may be ‘more’ than he needs. Buy for $10.99

Nature’s Rite Leg Relaxer: If your kids have hit growth spurts, you know what I’m talking about…leg cramps seem to strike at night and can keep everyone up in small hotel rooms. This lotion helps soothe with an herbal mixture including St. Johns Wort. Bottles are $19.99

What natural remedies do you bring on your family vacations? Share in the comments!