12 reasons to explore Germany’s Romantic Road

We write regularly about beautiful road trips exploring the US or some of the best places in Europe. Today we are going to show you the ultimate European trend related to road trip and experience you won’t forget! We are talking about Germany’s Romantic Road. We had the chance to try it and now we are going to share with you, our top 12 reasons to go for it! Let’s do this!


1. It is a scenic path. Road tripping the Romantic Road will offer you incredible views on a trip to remember!

2.    You will learn something more about Germany from a unique perspective. Driving through Bavaria will give you glimpses of the real life, the local culture and typical cuisine.

3.    Exploring the country in an adventurous and free mode. After hiring your car, you will be able to explore the country at your own pace and stopping whenever wherever you want.

4.    Save money on a car hire. Road tripping is convenient and fun! We used holidayautos.com to compare the best deals and solutions. It was so easy to use we had the best time. We will use it again for our next trip!

5.    You can go for tasting tours. From beer to wine there are plenty of options to drink something local while exploring the best-hidden gems of this area.

6.    Eating some typical delicious dishes. With this road trip, you will enjoy the most traditional culinary art of the country eating the best meat and the best desserts of your life!


7.    Having a yummy snack on the road. Don’t forget to try Schneebälle, super yummy delicious meals to eat on the go for your next adventure!

8.    You will marvel at the architecture. Each little city you will stop by will offer you some incredible design to appreciate the art and the style of this region.

9.    Full immersing into beautiful natural landscapes. Road tripping is terrific to stop by once you spot someplace you need to visit. While driving through Bavaria, you will find so many different beautiful places for incredible pics and some time to remember.

10.    You will see fairy-tale like castles IRL! You cannot miss the chance to stop at beautiful iconic Neuschwanstein, the famous castle inspiring the Disney Logo. What an experience!

11.    Signals are so easy to follow. We know how tricky could sound a road trip like this one but, trust us when we tell you signs are all over the road and they are so easy to follow you won’t need your GPS!

12.    Accommodations are to die for! For your stay consider stopping at one of the incredible good-looking house you will encounter on your way. They look like dollhouses, and they will give you a unique touch to your stay too!

These are the best 12 reasons why you should go for a Germany’s Romantic Road trip! We already know you are going to love it! So get ready and explore this beautiful area!